Integrity & Compliance

Be the pioneer in corporate integrity and compliance

Management Commitment


will always obey the code of honesty, abide by business ethics, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


will continue to create corporate integrity culture and require every employee to follow business principles.


will continue to implement all compliance rules in organization, and improve supervision and self-examination.

Integrity and Compliance Management

Corporate Compliance Management

KopperChem strictly compliance with laws, regulations and policies. In accordance with the relevant business ethics, KopperChem combines with actual situation, makes the company's integrity and compliance policies including Procurement Management Procedures, Supplier Management Procedures, Customer Complaint Management Procedures etc., which are implemented in business processes in order to achieve compliance management and supervision of all business process.


We focus on improving employees' awareness of compliance by training, publicity, assessment, which enable employees to fully understand the responsibilities and obligations of company and individual integrity and compliance, standardizing code of conduct to prevent corruption and dispose non-compliance.

Integrity and Compliance Management

Third Party Compliance Management

KopperChem requires compliance operation of suppliers and business partners by jointly conforming to business ethics and commitment to integrity, we even set it as an important factor for the performance appraisal of suppliers and business partners, and also encourage them to build a compliance management system.


We hereby promise to investigate due diligence and authenticity verification of suppliers and partners, encourage the public to blow the whistle. Any violation will be punished, and we will also stop cooperating with non-compliant and dishonest suppliers and partners.

Suggestion and Complaint

Our employees are asked to obey business conduct when dealing with customers, business partners, shareholders and other relevant parties, and show their values of integrity. Any unethical, non-compliant or non-illegal behavior will never be allowed. We attach great importance to the support of all parties in business. If you have any questions about our company's integrity and compliance management, or want to report any incidents that our employees are suspected of committing unethical or illegal behaviors, please feel free to contact us.

* We will carefully deal with all suggestions and reports, and make effort to ensure the confidentiality of complaints and reports. All our investigations are within the law. Anyone submits a complaint is required to leave detailed information such as name, contact info, and details of suspected unethical or illegal behaviors so that we can contact you directly when necessary. KopperChem prohibits any retaliation or punishment against whistleblowers.