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Oil Field

Improve oil displacement efficiency, stabilize and increase crude oil production, reduce costs, and ensure safety

Relying on our professional advantages in chemistry, we have made achievements in oil field special chemicals, and developed a variety of oil field chemicals with special surfactants as the main raw materials, which can provide customers with efficient, reliable and convenient products and solutions.

It mainly covers displacement agents for oil production engineering used in tertiary oil recovery. It can improve the wettability, permeability, diffusivity of formation rocks and the fluidity of crude oil and further improve oil displacement efficiency on secondary oil recovery and increase crude oil production.

For the metal corrosion in the acidizing process of oil-water wells, we have developed "mesophase" inhibitor, which can be firmly adsorbed on the steel surface and it is difficult for high temperature and concentrated hydrochloric acid to destroy it. In addition, it can protect the equipment and pipelines from being severely corroded during the acidizing process, and the damage to the formation caused by the metal iron eroded by acid then becomes ions, so we can reduce the cost of oil production and help customers stabilize and increase production.

We use the mechanism of emulsification, demulsification and adsorption viscosity reduction to develop heavy oil gathering viscosity reducer that has good effect and simple process, and can help customers improve transportation efficiency, reduce costs, and improve production safety and reliability.

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