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Alkynol Products

Gemibola® 1000

products are a series of modified Gemini super wetting agents. The static surface tension and dynamic surface tension are lower than those of conventional Gemini surfactants. It can effectively wet the substrate with low surface energy and solve the wetting problem in the process of high-speed and uniform construction, such as coating.

Gemibola® 700

products are a series of modified Gemini dispersing wetting agents. They provide dual functions of wetting and dispersion. They can adsorb to the interface between pigment and solvent quickly, form spatial effect, prevent pigment agglomeration and precipitation, and play the function of dispersion. Furthermore, they can improve the color development, prevent color floating and enhance color fastness.

Gemibola® 800

products are a series of modified Gemini low foam wetting agents. The hydrophilic group of the products are increased, so their solubility in water is improved, and the wetting and defoaming function are better. According to customer demand, we can customize a series of low foaming and defoaming wetting agents. They mainly act on the wetting of the substrate and promotes the adhesion between the coating and the substrate.

Gemibola® 941

is a Gemini nonionic surfactant, wetting and defoaming agent. It can provide low dynamic surface tension, which is conducive to high-speed construction. It is good at foam control and flow promote. It can provide three functions of substrate wetting, defoaming and dispersing. It is used for coatings, inks, adhesives, printing fountain solutions, etc. in water system or alcohol system.