It is a fairly stable fluorocarbon, which is directly used in the electrowinning solution. By reducing the surface tension of the electrowinning solution, it suppresses the generation of acid mist, improves the air quality of the electrowinning workshop, provides occupational health protection, and increase the service life of the equipment. It is mainly used in the electrowinning section of copper hydrometallurgy, and can be used with floating plastic pellets. It will not produce large amount of foam on the surface of the electrowinning solution, avoids the loss of acid mist suppressant, and does not have any adverse effects on the solvent extraction and electrowinning process.

It is suitable for the extraction of copper and palladium in chloride solutions. The extraction efficiency is independent of the pH value of the feed solution. It is especially suitable for the extraction of copper in acidic etching solution. It can be stripped with water, and has the advantages of high stripping efficiency, less loss of extractant, and good phase separation.

It is a special anti-nitrification extractant with stable performance. It can be applied to the extraction of copper from mine acid leaching solution, especially suitable for the extraction of copper from leaching solution containing nitrate under the condition of medium-high pH conditions.

The extractant has the characteristics of low viscosity, large extraction capacity and easy stripping. It is suitable for the extraction of copper under ammonia conditions. It can effectively extract copper from mine ammonia leaching solution and alkaline etching solution of circuit board, which has good environmental protection and economic benefits.

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